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Welcome to Golden Euphorics, where we believe that happiness and wellbeing are essential for living a fulfilling life. Our mission is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to experience joy, peace, and contentment.

At Golden Euphorics, we understand that life can be challenging, and sometimes it can be hard to find happiness in our daily lives. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to creating neuroceutical supplements that can help you achieve a state of euphoria and joy.

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Minors under the age of 21 are not encouraged to order from or explore the contents of this site.


Please Note: Mini and Microdosing Enthogens aren’t intended for “recreational tripping”. They’re designed to generate very subtle, to nearly non-perceptible effects that are accumulative over time with noticeable and lasting benefits. If for after a full 3 week run of following a protocol with no tangible benefits, you’re welcome to request a refund for the full cost of the product.


Please note: Tracking Numbers are issued and sent to your inbox the moment the order has been processed, and ships same day before 5pm PST. As soon as you receive your tracking number, the order is on it’s way to you. 

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The word ‘Neuroceutical’ is a new term that refers to the adaptogenic class of supplements that deeply nourishes the brain and nervous system in order to balance and refine neurochemical functionality for optimal expression in the body-mind complex.

What to expect when taking Neuroceuticals?

Those who often take Neuroceuticals report most of the following: general mood enhancement, mental sharpness, less stress and anxiety, relieved chronic pain, deeper-restorative sleep, sustain energy, enhanced libido, alleviation of depression, a heightened sense of euphoria, and enhanced immune response, etc. 

We’ve designed each one of our products to fulfill the tasks of what Neuroceuticals can do. 


Psilocybin is a chemical found in certain types of mushrooms. When consumed, it activates receptors in the brain that affect our mood, thoughts, and perception. It can produce feelings of euphoria, which can last for several hours or even days. Recent studies have shown that taking small amounts of psilocybin may help people with depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

However, psilocybin is a controlled substance, which means it’s illegal to use without a prescription or medical supervision. It’s important to talk to a healthcare professional before considering using psilocybin for any reason.


The company sources Golden Teacher mushrooms from top cultivators in the Pacific Northwest, grinds them into fine powder and puts them into veggie capsules for consistent dosing. Their Golden Teacher capsules provide 0.5 grams per capsule, while their Empathogenic Nootropics capsules provide 0.25 grams with added Lionsmane, Mucuna, and Bacopa to support cognitive function and mental focus. The EN blend can also open the heart channel and enhance libido. The products are intended for therapeutic exploration and long-term benefits, not recreational use.

How to take golden euphorics supplements

The company suggests finding a unique mini/microdosing routine based on individual factors. They recommend taking one Golden Teacher capsule every 3-4 days and one Empathogenic Nootropics capsule every 2-3 days on an empty stomach. Effects are accumulative and can last for several days. It’s important to set intentions before microdosing and connect with the intelligence of the Golden Teacher mushroom ally. Keeping a journal to track progress is also recommended.

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golden euphorics has helped me since i started working from home i focus more without any distractions and my output at the company has increased ever since i started with this supplements
Devonte Maxy
A friend referred me to them last I can say my life has changed so much and also helped me stop smoking. No more depression
Mila Rosita
This products have open my eyes to a whole new world helped me get through my tough divorce
Mike Kent